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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

What to look for in your office chair?

When it comes to office chairs, they aren’t all created equal but how do you know where to start? Here is an easy guide to look at when considering the right chair for you.


Everyone deserves a good office chair but not one chair is going to suit everyone. Some people will require a high back and some may prefer deep padding while others will opt for a mesh along  with specific adjustments.

New or Used

As everyone is different not all recommended chairs are going to suit everyone. Some people will require a high back while others will require a mid-back or some prefer deep padding while others will opt for a mesh seat

Features to look for?

Chairs will vary and have many ergonomic adjusters so that the user will be comfortable while sitting for long periods of time. The main features seen on chairs are

  • Lever usually triggers a gas canister that compress/decompress the air in the canister to adjusts the height of the seat. Most gas lifts are 9” to fit standard desk height of 725mm.

Standard adjustable arms come with height adjustment only but many high-spec ergonomic chairs can also come with adjustable arms in the following adjustments:

  • Angle Pivot
  • Depth Adjustable
  • Width Adjuster

Lumbar supports are not always a visible piece connected to the chair as many chair backs are sculpted to support good posture. Lumbar options can be made from plastic or soft foam. They can have either or both height and depth adjustments. Some lumbar supports offer an inflatable cushion built into the back of the chair.

Seat Angle tilt comes as a lever that tilts the angle of the seat to assist with proper support when working over the desk.

A front tilt lever may be an alternative to the seat angle seat.


Most manufacturers have a 2 to 5-year warranty on the chair. These a mainly attached to the mechanism and gas lift while fabrics will have a standard 2-year warranty. If you have any issues with the chair, please let us know as soon as the problem occurs as this can save both the durability of the chair and your comfort in using it.

All our used office chairs come with a 12-month warranty on the chair. We will endeavour to repair any issue that may arise. If the issue is beyond repair, we will replace the chair with the same chair or substitute it if the chair is no longer in stock.

Try Before you Buy

As chairs are something you will be sitting in for long periods of time, comfort and knowledge of the adjusters are a must. We advise that you visit our display floor and test out a couple of chairs to find the right fit. Our team are highly experienced in all aspects of ergonomic seating and can advise you on your requirements and suggest alternatives that you might not have considered.