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Aline Office Furniture

Buying Secondhand Office Furniture


Used Office Furniture at Aline

Here at Aline, we sell a large range of used office furniture. When uploading secondhand items we ensure to attached images several images of the furniture to each items true condition.

Signs of Use/Wear & Tear

With all the used furniture there are some signs of use. We ensure all furniture is structurally sound and are as described.


Our secondhand furniture is priced accordingly. Lower value furniture often has more signs of wear or of a cheaper quality when bought new.

Stock Levels

We are constantly updating our secondhand items posted online. With the nature of secondhand items, actual stock levels can sometimes vary, due to store purchases or excessive damage that they are unsellable. If an item is out of stock, an alternative product may be offered. If you are unhappy with the alternative, we will happily issue you a refund for the original order.


If you have queries regarding any product on our website, you can use the contact page. Please use the website SKU or add the product link to the page.

CCPC - Buying Secondhand Guide

When you buy a second-hand item from a business, you have similar rights to when you buy a new item. However, your rights very much depend on how much you paid for the item. Any item you buy, including a second-hand item, must be fit for the purpose it has been sold for. It must also be as described to you, and the quality must be of an expected standard, given the price you paid. However, you cannot expect second-hand items to be of the same standard as new ones.

Second-hand items are sold as seen, so there may be some fault, imperfection or wear and tear. You need to examine the item carefully and ask the business to point out any damage or imperfections. Make sure the item does what it is expected to do. For example, if it is a second-hand TV, check that the picture and sound are working correctly, the reception is clear, and the remote control works as it should.

For expensive items such as jewellery or antiques, you might want to get an expert opinion before you decide to buy.

If the item turns out to be faulty, you have the right to return it to the business you bought it from and ask for a replacement, a repair or a refund.

More info regards consumer rights visit