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Standing Out: Sit-Stand Office Desks

Opting for a Sit-Stand Office Desk

When sit-stand office desks came out a few years ago they seemed like they might be a passing trend, the frames were clunky, noisy and very costly but improvement in the mechanisms and an increase in demand has made these desks a very affordable option for large corporations and SMEs alike. There are many options and benefits of a sit-stand office desk. Take a look at the frame options below which we sell frequently and how they may benefit you.


Zoom Sit-Stand

Zoom Desks are dual motors and can be adjusted in height between 685mm – 1185mm by using the desk handest which has two buttons – to move the desk up and down. Desk frames are available in white, silver, or black with a range of cl. 10-year guarantee.

Leap Sit-Stand

Leap is an electrically adjustable range of desks comprising of a single stand-alone desk & bench desk. The dual motor frames are electronically adjusted from 655 to 1255mm in height, all at the touch of a finger with touch-sensitive controls.

Each user can adjust their own desk height individually via the memory master control unit.

Leap also features anti-trap technology meaning if it encounters an obstruction as it is going down it will stop and retract 2cm.  Leap is test certified to EN527.

10-year guarantee

Go Green

Here at Aline Office Furniture we also supply used office desk. We have a large collection of surplus used office desktop in different lengths and finish. To reduce the amount of these desktops ending up in landfill, we offer used repurposed office desktops free of charge when buying a new sit-stand frame!

Keep an eye on used office desk catergories as we often get used sit-stand desk in stock.

Office Desk Accessories

We stock a range of accessories suitable for sit-stand desks from cable baskets to monitor arms. You can find more about these products in our shop.