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Sustainable Office Furniture at Aline Office Furniture


Here at Aline Office Furniture, our goal is to recycle and repurpose used office furniture to prevent these chairs and desks from going into landfills. We work with big corporations to recycle & repurpose their used furniture for other businesses. We give office furniture chairs a new lease of life and we attempt to restore all the chairs that have faulty arms or wheels to reduce waste and recycling.

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Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises in Ireland

We have a responsibility to help grow the economy. We have helped lots of Irish businesses save money by buying used, good-quality furniture instead of spending big on new office furniture. We have helped businesses expand at a lower cost and help the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Like every company, we have a responsibility to act ethically. We try to create a better environment for employers and employees to work and live in.

We use recyclable materials and when delivering our chairs, we try to reduce the amount of packaging brought with our drivers to reduce the weight of the vans, create more space, and have no waste left around after we have delivered to you. By doing this we have reduced our carbon emissions significantly. We remove all packaging from the new and recycle accordingly.

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Used Office Furniture

When We Can't Repurpose

We remove broken furniture, strip down components and bring it to the local recycling centre so that these unusable desks and chairs can be remade into a new product and not put into landfill.

We take bolts and other components of faulty products that are still of merchantable quality and save these from being dumped and we use these on products that need repairs.


Future-Proofing Sustainbility

We have previously worked with the NGOs like Community Resource Network Ireland to help local communities improve their environment and reduce the size of local landfills. We provided this non-profit with supplies.

Buying second-hand products can reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing the furniture as new chairs and desks will not need to be made. This can save many natural resources along with metals, and plastics.

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