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Sustainable Office Furniture at Aline

Here at Aline, we have been recycling and repurposing used office furniture for over 20 years. It is a key driver in our business and our goal is to recycle and repurpose used office furniture. We work with large corporations and SMEs to recycle & repurpose their used office furniture to prevent these chairs, desks, and furniture items from going into landfills while supporting other businesses with their furniture requirements. With the ever-growing need to reduce, reuse and recycle, we all must consider what happens to the products we use at the end of their requirement.

See how Aline Office Furniture can assist with your green policy when it comes to your office furniture

Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises in Ireland

Over the past 20+ years, we have provided new and used office furniture to companies based in Ireland. A large portion of these companies have saved money on their office fit-outs by purchasing completely used furniture or a blend of new and good quality used furniture. We have helped businesses expand at a lower cost and helped the environment by repurposing items removed from different companies. Through our experience, we have identified some key points to consider when thinking of sustainable office furniture for your company.

Office Planning should be an ongoing process and reviewed in stages. Office furniture purchase now should reflect the future requirements in the future, not only present. The office planning should consider flexiblitilty and durability of the products purchased. They should be able to be used in new configurations for reshuffling or to fit new employees.

While new items have guarantees and quality attached to their products, not all are made equal and frequently price, quality and warranties are related. Consider if each product is suitable for your office environment and ensure that the guarantees are valid for your requirements. Some items can break during the warranty and discarded rather than reported to the supplier and manufacturer who may offer a repair or replacement

When purchasing office furniture products,  disposing of your unrequired furniture must be considered.  Many items can be salvaged and reused by companies like Aline or can be broken down and recycled. Products should be considered for either the ease of stripping components to recycle or the quality and durability that ensures the reuse of the items as is.

Reconditioned Used Office Furniture at Aline

Nearly 60% of office furniture we supply is used reconditioned office furniture. Often used office furniture items are in like new condition for less than half the price of the original items. We also provide items that were originally new but may have had some damage or slight defect to them that can no longer be sold as new. So while not only are we reducing top-quality office furniture heading straight for landfill, we are reducing the cost. We give office furniture a new lease of life and we aim not to dispose of any items that have faulty or damaged components which we can repair to reduce unnecessary waste and recycling.

Used Desks - Wrapped

New Office Furniture

When we provide and deliver new products, we aim to reduce the amount of packaging brought with our delivery team to increase the capacity of each van, ensuring that there is no half journey and being more environment friendly on deliveries.

If this is not possible, we ensure that all packaging is removed and returned to our warehouse where we split the packaging down to each recyclable type (Cardboard, soft plastics, and wood). The cardboard is flattened and compacted to reduce the air space and increase the volume we can recycle per project. By doing this we have reduced our carbon emissions significantly.

Repair & Refurbishment Service at Aline

With experience over 20 years in trading used office furniture, we have seen many products come in that can be repaired easily and affordably. We can provide repairs on many items that can help the longevity of the product without having to buy a new complete item. Trade-in or scrappage of the furniture product and replacing it with a good-conditioned used product of similar spec is a convenient option while responsibly disposing of your broken product.

Repair Office Chairs
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Corporate Social Responsibily and Future Sustainability

Like every company, we have a responsibility to act ethically. We endeavour to create a better environment to work and live in.

We use recyclable materials and when delivering our desks and chairs, we try to reduce the amount of packaging brought with our drivers to reduce the weight of the vans, create more space, and have no waste left around after we have delivered to you. By doing this we have reduced our carbon emissions significantly. We remove all packaging from the new and recycle accordingly.


We have previously worked with an NGO that promotes the Reuse, repair and recycling mentality to help local communities improve their environment and reduce the size of local landfills.

Buying second-hand products can reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing the furniture as new chairs and desks will not need to be made with no extra packaging required. This can save many natural resources along with metals and reduce harmful plastics.

End Of Life Service at Aline

Unfortunately, some items can be beyond repair. When this occurs we remove the unfit furniture, strip down components, to metal, wood & plastics and recycle the products accordingly at local centres so that these unusable desks and chairs can be remade into new products and not put into landfill.

We take bolts and other components of unfit-for-purpose products that may help repair other merchantable quality furniture and save them from being disposed of.

To ensure that each furniture product is removed and broken down by components responsibly, we charge for this service.